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Why Should You Obtain Copyright Protection?

Registration of copyright may protect the works of writers, artists, and other creative. It prevents the unlawful use of your creative works and intellectual property, including copying, piracy, and distribution. By completing your copyright registration, you legally assert that you are the legitimate owner of the subject work and enhance your protection against future infringement and unlawful use by other individuals and organizations.

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What Copyright Protects?

  • Songs

  • Art

  • Books

  • Photos

  • Films

  • And Other Tangible
    or Non-Tangible Creative Works

Our Service Packages


$ 99
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Your federal copyright application will be expertly prepared, and the copyright staff will check it for completeness, accuracy, and common errors.
  • Electronic filing with the USPTO eliminates the need to wait for mail or deal with paper files.
  • Certificate of Registration that the United States Copyright Office will send you in the mail.


$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Cease & Desist Letter If you suspect a customer of copyright infringement, this form can be tailored to their individual situation. Don't throw away resources.
  • Transfer/Assignment Custom assignment template
    You can use the form, which has been pre-filled with the necessary information, if you ever need to sell or transfer ownership of your copyright.
  • Your copyright application will be prepared in less than 24 hours with our Express Service. In our Standard plan, turnaround time is normally 5 business days.