Our One-Step Registration Process



Register with your contact and trademark details.


Situational Preparation

Our trademark professionals will plan, arrange, and assemble your case.


Search Begins for a Trademark

Our staff examines our database for trademarks that are comparable to yours.

Why Perform a Trademark Search?

A trademark search is equally important to obtaining a trademark. It guarantees that no other parties have submitted similar trademarks. We will inform you if another firm uses a name, logo, or slogan that is similar to yours, allowing you to make the required alterations to ensure that your intellectual property is unique.

Over 3 Million Trademarks

Approved as Unique by Our Search

Three Million Plus Database

Searches in the United States and Abroad

Over 900,000 Companies

Consulted Regarding Trademark Conflicts and Resolution

Our Service Packages

Federal & State Search

$ 149
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Trademark Search:
    The federal search shows any names, logos, or slogans that are registered or in the process of being registered with the USPTO that are similar.
  • State Search:
    All 50 states are treated the same by the state search.
  • Detailed Online Report:
    Finds any matches and gives you all the information you need to decide what to do next.


$ 299
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Corporate Name Search: We do a search in all 50 states for all corporate and other business entity names.
  • Corporate Directories: We look in the business directories to see if anyone else is using your name.
  • Standard law Private Internet searches will show you how your name is being used in ways that may be protected by trademarks under common law.
  • We look at the most common top level domain names to see if anyone is using your name online.

Global Search

$ 499
+ USPTO filing fee
  • Global Search:
    We look for pending and registered trademarks in these many different countries.
  • Domain Names:
    We search the registrar in the Eurporean community as well as the WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization) for similar marks and pending applications.